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Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

To get one of the best outdoor electric grills, you must read this whole article which will give you a list of best grills with explanations of all the features as well as all the pros & cons of each product. Additionally, all your questions will be answered via the in-depth buyer’s guide.

These outdoor electronic grills are convenient to use, easy to use, risk free, lightweight, portable, and of course, easy to clean. Furthermore, they are available in various sizes, making it convenient for you to choose depending on what you intend to cook. By using outdoor electric grills, you can cook your food without the use of any charcoal and gas. All you have to do to use the grill is to plug it in any outlet, and you can start using it. The reason people are ditching charcoal for outdoor electric grills is the lack of mess, danger or environmental hazards you have to worry about while enjoying your food. Why don’t we start with a quick comparison! 

Best Outdoor Electric Grills

Product Name



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George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B $

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Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill


Easy Street Electric Cart Grill



Electric BBQ Grill #1: George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor GGR50B

This George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor grill is extremely versatile and can be used both inside the house as an indoor electric grill, and as an outdoor model. When searching for outdoor electric grills on Amazon, this was the best selling item that we found. The reason its able to be used outside, is that the 1600W heating element is separate from the cooking surface. Just like all Foreman grills, the grease is channeled away from the cooking surface to a catch area. Furthermore, we have found that the time to heat the outdoor electric grill is a little bit longer compared to the other grills. One of the biggest pluses is the price. If you want a great all around outdoor electric grill and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then look no further. In 2019, this grill is still receiving excellent reviews on Amazon

  • 15 Servings – The 240 square inches of circular grilling surface lets you make over 15 servings for large groups of people
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating – There’s a lot to love about this nonstick coating; it’s durable, easy to clean, and removes the need for butter and oil
  • Indoor/Outdoor Removable Stand –  The easy-to-remove stand takes you from patio to counter top in no time
  • Adjustable Temperature Control – The temperature probe lets you choose from five heat settings to get the best results on any kind of food
  • Apartment-Approved – Your landlord will love this grill just as much as you do because the fully electric system gives you high-quality grilling with no charcoal, no propane, and no flare-ups

Electric BBQ Grill #2: Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

Based off the Weber Q 1400 electric grill, this is a great choice. Look no further if you want one of the top of the line outdoor electric grills. Just like the George Foreman, this is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. In fact, it offers a 280 sq inch cooking surface that is excellent for grilling a whole variety of foods including steaks, burgers and vegetables. Also, like the Weber Q 1400 electric grill, the unit has a durable non-stick coat that ensures the food never sticks, and the center of the cooking surface is slanted so that the fat drains away from the food into a large grease tray. Here are the other things we love:  

  • Simple cleanup and maintenance
  • Great for patios and apartments
  • Cooking surface heats easily, so there are no hot-spots
  • No need to deal with messy charcoal 


Electric BBQ Grill #3: Kenyon Floridian Portable Electric Grill

The Kenyon Floridian outdoor electric grill is one of the nicest looking grills that we have reviewed in 2019. One of the best features of this grill is the waterproof digital temperature controls that allow you to easily control your grill. Also, this is the perfect grill for RVing, boating, and patio grilling. Its made out of marine grade stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about rusting over time. Like the other grills listed on this page, it features an impressive non-stick grate that is extremely easy to clean. If you want the best, top of the line outdoor electric grills, then the Kenyon Floridian electric grill is what you want. Here are the things that we love:

  • Concealed heating and electrical element that provides fire-safe, flame-free and no-smoke grilling
  • Digital touch sensor control panel provides precise heat adjustments
  • Pre-heats in 7 minutes or less
  • UL approved for indoor and outdoor use

Electric BBQ Grill #4: Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

This CharBroil electric grill is the only grill that we tested that uses infrared technology. All Char-Broil TRU-Infrared grills generate a minimum of 65 percent infrared heat, which is evenly spread across the entire cooking surface to cook food — without drying — at temperatures that range from simmer to sear. With its 320 square inch cooking surface, it easily provide for a family of four. Its very lightweight and easy to move around. Also, this grill runs on a standard 110-volt household outlet and packs a 1,750-watt heat element. 

The reason for the increased popularity in these CharBroil electric grills is the risks associated with traditional grills. Also, burning charcoal in charcoal grills proves to be messy. Though it provides heat, it also gives lots of dust, soot and ash, which can be tiring to clean after cooking. As gas is very combustible and can lead to explosions that may hurt surrounding people, gas grills can be very dangerous. Besides these dangers, both of these grills emit lots of harmful emissions that can be dangerous to the environment. Here are the things we love:

  • 320 square inches of grilling surface area or 8 to 12 hamburger capacity
  • Electric TRU-Infrared cooking system allows you to cook your food evenly with less flare-ups – juicier food, every time
  • Porcelain-coated premium cooking grates are rust-resistant and easy-to-clean
  • Compact and stylish design with wheels to easily move around your backyard or patio
  • Great option if you can’t use gas or charcoal and have a small footprint


Electric BBQ Grill #5: Easy Street Electric Cart Grill


If you want an affordable, quality grill then check out the Easy Street Electric Cart Grill. It wasn’t the best grill out of the 5, but it was something that will deliver every time. It is a fun and simple to use grill that is both durable and stylish. Additionally, it has 200 square inches of cooking area and features a variable 1500 watt heating element that has been specifically designed for BBQ style cooking, and it also has thermostatic controls. Furthermore, different grilling requirements are fulfilled by the three element positions, which include a vertical position for cooking rotisserie style. Also, other element positions also accommodate different grilling requirements. 

With lessened cleaning work, you can enjoy yourself more with your friends and family. In fact, all you have to do is to plug in your outdoor electric grill and wait for about ten minutes within which its surface is hot enough to grill your food. Moreover, one benefit of these grills is that they also come with a heat adjuster that you can use to adjust its heat to only keeping food warm, and even to use for cooking steaks. Here are the things we love:

  • 200 square inches of cooking space
  • Three-position cooking element. With three heating positions, this grill is capable of (1) creating a zone of even heat for traditional grilling, (2) creating a versatile zone of different temperatures for cooking medium, rare and well-done simultaneously and (3) converting to a fully vertical position for rotisserie grilling (rotisserie sold separately).
  • This grill’s rolling cart makes it convenient to transport, and its wire shelf helps keep your grilling materials together.
  • With its thermostatic control and 1500-watt, UL and CUL-listed heating element, this grill plugs into any standard household outlet.
  • A disposable grease pan catches grease and makes clean-up easier. For outdoor use only.

Electric BBQ Grill Conclusion

In conclusion grilling food outdoors can be an extremely fun activity. In 2019, you have a lot of good electric bbq grills to choose from. All of them are smoke free, and easy to use! We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and please comment if you have any questions.

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