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Aerobed – Terrain Aero Bed

The All Terrain Aerobed Air Mattress is the Sportmans choice in Inflatable Air Mattress Beds. The Aero Bed with the outdoor comfort we depend on when roughing it. With this mattress, it is easy to bring Home comfort any place.

Outdoor getaways are on the rise, from family camping trips to hiking to extreme adventures of all types. The Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed with Dual Power Pump is the perfect addition to any camping trip or weekend getaway. For extreme comfort, fast and easy set-up and take down, the essential sleeping gear is the Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed.

The Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed takes both indoor and outdoor camping to a new level of comfort. Raised 19″ off the ground, our exclusive pyramid design adds stability, creates extra support at the edges and makes getting in and out of bed a snap.

The Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed inflates hands-free, with a simple twist of the pump, which is included with the bed. This new NiCd pump is rechargeable and runs instantly when plugged into a car lighter, or cordless after charging at home. When your adventure is over, simply open the patented Quick Air Release Valve, and the Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed deflates in a matter of seconds.

Comfortable, convenient, and durable, this unique high quality alternative bed delivers a great night’s sleep, no matter were you adventures take you.

What’s included
Each Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed comes with its own NEW Rechargeable Ni-Cd pump, dual power charger and handy duffel bag. Bed and pump are covered by a one year limited warranty. All beds fit standard size sheets. A patch kit is also included for minor repairs.

NEW Rechargeable Ni-Cd Pump
Powerful and portable yet very compact, the NEW Rechargeable Ni-Cd Dual Power pump is included with the Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed.

The Rechargeable Ni-Cd Dual Power Pump runs instantly when plugged into a car lighter, or runs cordless after recharging at home. Comes complete with a transformer for recharging. The transformer is a 120 volt AC, 60Hz, 6W device. The pump produces 7.5 volts DC. The pump recharges fully in 12 hours (for best results, make sure that the pump is completely drained of power before recharging – do not overcharge. The pump must be charged for 24 hours for the very first charge).

  • Size: Twin, 74″L X 39″W X 19″H, 650 lb weight capacity, 7.4 lb item weight
  • Portable comfort for the outdoors – ideal as a camping air mattress.
  • This bed’s surface height of 19″ raises the sleeper off of the ground for better comfort and more warmth.
  • Powerful, rechargeable pump for hands-free inflation in three minutes or less.
  • Dual Power Pump, plug into car lighter or charge at home and run cordless.
  • Quick and easy deflation in under one minute with our patented air release valve.
  • The sleep surface is soft, plush and velvety.
  • Fits standard size sheets and the plush sleep surface keeps bedding in place.
  • The Aero Sport All-Terrain Raised Bed is made of a special 16 gauge Rayon flocked top. The material is puncture-resistant, non-allergenic, and is electronically welded at the seams for superior strength and durability.
  • Coil construction for maximum support and comfort
  • Bed rolls up around the pump and stores compactly in the included durable duffel bag.
  • Backed by a one-year limited express warranty.

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