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Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Spending a summer evening on a lounge chair in your backyard, on your deck or by the pool watching a beautiful sunset is an excellent way to unwind after a week of hard work. Here, we are talking about the various types of outdoor lounge chairs available for you to enjoy the evening with your loved ones. A few options that could work for your personal needs are listed here. Just like any other home furniture, you have lounge chairs available in plastic, metal and wood.

Plastic lounge chairs are one of the least expensive options available. The latest plastic outdoor lounge chairs have a wide range of colors, thickness and styles matching your needs. When selecting plastic lounge chairs, you need to ensure that you select a thick plastic chair over a thinner one, as the thinner variety could easily split or crack and may not last long. It’s good to keep in mind while buying a plastic outdoor lounge chair that these chairs could easily discolor because of excessive exposure to the sun. However, you can avoid such a situation by adding furniture covers or white plastic. If plastic is not your choice or does not match your style, then you could try the metal outdoor lounge chairs. These are long lasting and sturdy, and some of them even come with wheels and cushions.

Metal outdoor lounge chairs many have less options on colors. However, these chairs have a wide range of designs and styles, and add a rustic, classier look to your deck. The only drawback with metal lounge chairs is they are heavy, difficult to move around and cost a little more than the plastic ones. Wooden outdoor lounge chairs are made from wood that are resistant to various weather conditions. These lounge chairs are generally made of teak or red cedar, and are the best options to stand up to the different moods of Mother Nature. Wooden outdoor lounge chairs are the heaviest ones among the others available in the market. They are often the most expensive ones too. However, on the other hand, they are attractive, well-made and can be tailored to meet your specific style.

One of the latest options available is the Rexine-made inflatable multiple purpose outdoor lounge chairs. These are most inexpensive, durable, are easier to carry and move. Rexine is an artificial leather cloth product that is a mix of multiple components, which are embossed to look like leather and offer you a wide a range of trim colors. Some of these outdoor lounge chairs offer multiple usages like a sofa to seat 3, a recliner, a queen size bed or a high raise kid’s bed. These chairs can be inflated in approximately ninety seconds and are capable to withstand up to six hundred pounds. Since these are filled with air, you can throw them into the pool and enjoy a nice sun bath over the water while having a drink. You can also deflate these lounge chairs and carry them along with you for picnics with family or friends.

Now here are few important factors that you need to consider before you decide what kind of an outdoor lounge chair you should buy. Some of these factors are the space available on your backyard or deck, type of flooring, frequency of usage, comfort level and style. We suggest that you also take into consideration of where you would be using these outdoor lounge chairs. For example, it’s not a great idea to use a wood or metal chair near a pool as they get affected by water. Instead, try considering using plastic or Rexine, since they are water resistant. If you are going to use the chair on your deck, then we recommend that you consider wooden or metal chairs, as these can be customized, are classier and also add a style statement to your house.

Now that we have talked about the various options available for your outdoor lounge chairs, you now need to match them against your needs, budget and choice. Good quality lounge chairs generally cost two to three times the money required for regular metal or plastic chairs. However, they are worth every penny spent, as choosing the right outdoor lounge chairs let you step outside and enjoy a relaxed summer evening.

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